Discount for Selfie

Do Selfi and immediately add to, to your Wisher List in the category of Gifts or Shopping, Desires or Dreams. Share with friends, write your comments, invite friends to participate And get a discount.

Share Your Desire

Make Selfi, add to, write a message, comment-discuss with friends what you want to buy or receive as a gift, start raising funds, participate in promotions, follow the progress and get discounts Not leaving the store.

Honest Review

A Honest Review is a tool that helps make the best choice. Write a review, Make the movie, do Selfi about the product you bought or about the service that you used on and get a discount.

For Date

Tie up your purchases, gifts, desires and dreams for Date. Create an Date - select a date from our calendar, tell your friends, invite your friends to participate in your Date and get a discount.

For Event

In your Wisher List of purchases, gifts, wishes and dreams are timed to you Date. Create an Event for an Date that you would like to celebrate with your relatives or colleagues, with your loved one, tell your friends and invite them to participate in your event. Your Event - is a good reason for partners to participate in the budget. New opportunity - additional discount!

Discount of 110%

Make Selfi and get a discount, write Honest Reviews and again get a discount. The size of your discount on grows by summing up your activities. Create a Gift to the Event and get a discount, Create an Event for the Date and get a discount, Tell your friends and get a discount. More activity - More discount!


Make A Wish

It can be anything, for example, iPhone, mountain bike or even a new apartment. Create Dates and plan Events - will help you in implementing even the most daring ideas.

Tell The Whole World

Invite your friends and relatives, colleagues and acquaintances - whom you deem necessary. - your rules - choose who and what can see and in which Events to participate. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or just an email or phone number for an invitation.

Start Raise Funds Right Now is a friendly service - we provide an opportunity to raise funds for everything that does not contradict the law and morals.

Trace the Progress

Receive notifications about incoming payments and general progress in a convenient personal account at, as well as through social networks, email, SMS.

Start Discussion

Discuss together gifts, dreams, how and where to hold the event, celebrate the Date, share your experience. With will come true even the most cherished desires, and the Events will be unforgettable.

The Dream Came True

You have received a gift that could not even dream of and everything thanks to Yourself, Friends and Like-minded people and

Methods of payment and fund-raising?

Payments and transactions in any convenient way with a minimum commission